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Robbie Maynard Films Abandoned Train Station
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The Central Railroad of New Jersey Station at Market Street and Pennsylvania Avenue will soon be converted to a strip mall. That sounds pretty blasé given the station's prominence and role in developing Wilkes-Barre's long history, but it's a deal that will surely leave it in better shape than its decrepit one of abandonment today.

There's no short-term talk of the site actually re-hosting rail in Wilkes-Barre's upcoming high speed system or light rail connections, so, hey, Burger King. Why not?

Robbie Maynard (Twitter) is a self-described adventurer (read: content-gatherer in my book) who penetrates abandoned places and uploads footage to YouTube. It seems like at some point in time he visited the station and did what he apparently does well, document for all the world to see, what the station looks like inside today.

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Robbie Maynard Films Abandoned Train Station
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