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What to do About Bob Kadluboski?
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Our cat sits bedazzled by the confrontation between WB City Council and Bob. Original You Tube video here.

I honestly don't mean to make this blog all about Wilkes-Barre City videos. Someone should do that - start a blog devoted to nothing but the antics of the people who show up at those meetings, but not me. I really want to focus on its core theme of rail transit development in Luzerne County.

That being said, I seem to be the only blogger fascinated enough by what's going on to say anything. So I'm just going to say it: Something needs to be done about Bob.

We can explore what this something should or might be in future postings but for the second, let's just agree on the problem. In my opinion Bob Kadluboski is engaging in serial harassment. There may have been a time when he was just being colorfully adamant, even a lovable champion, but to this author his behavior has exceeded what should be tolerated. He claims to have a piecemeal purpose to justify himself, taxes, corruption, "rights", things that normally hold up and endear a little tolerance on behalf of everyone. But now he just seems to enjoy being intimidating, controlling, and one can construe fairly, even threatening, depending on the subjective sensitivities and interpretations of the people who are targeted.

His usual technique is to bait someone on the council into an argument on high topic at first, and once this is accomplished, ride that tether down to trivial battles over how much time he is allowed to speak or over whether or not he should be allowed to respond to a response to the first admonishment. Every address to him is skillfully spun to add another prompt that leads to louder and more intimidating behavior.

Harassment is never clearly defined in a single instance or by a single set of behaviors. The very nature of harrassers, stalkers, and the ilk therein, is to embed their activity into legitimate overhead (in this case, the right to speak at public hearings). Instead, harassment is delineated as a pattern of behavior that must be carefully documented over time. Certainly the very videos depicting all of this could be used to sway a prosecutor.

Maybe nobody wants to go there - maybe I'm just the nut for calling it out. Maybe the city council and Wilkes-Barre citizens are afraid like the beaten wife who would prefer to manage her abusive husband's bouts rather than act firmly and with breakage to suburban tranquility.

But to the rest of us cats looking on, something really has to be done sooner or later.

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What to do About Bob Kadluboski?
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