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Wilkes-Barre Station With NJ Transit Signage
wbrail Cutoff Downtown
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If we assume a rational implementation of conventional commuter rail reaching Wilkes-Barre from New York, who would operate it? Which agency's transit logo would would be hoisted atop a new downtown train station?

By all indications, since it is the Lackawanna Cutoff Project that leads in anything close to actualization, the answer would be New Jersey Transit.

New Jersey Transit Logo

So, you'd be walking along Wilkes-Barre Boulevard and see something like the following, albeit perhaps not quite so as cheezy in form as is the case with a simple mash-up of images using Microsoft Paint:

NJ Transit Sign at Wilkes-Barre Train Station

C'mon it's quick n' dirty, don't judge. Focus on the point of it.

If for some reason there were a spontaneous push from the south of Wilkes-Barre, and we weren't talking New York City at all but Philadelphia, I suppose then it could be the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

Septa logo

Septa Wilkes-Barre Train Station Mashup

Of course "closest thing to actualization", the NJ Transit muse, is still pretty lofty considering that Pennsylvania is so economically non-committed to its end of the project for the foreseeable future, and progress so slow even on the New Jersey side (and that's even acknowledging their recent movement). This is why at WBRAIL I prefer to hope for a complete conceptual reboot to get around this sluggishness, one that focuses on different high-speed rail technology. I literally think a fresh push from the ground up rather than counting on the Cutoff reaching Wilkes-Barre would be the faster path toward a running system.

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Wilkes-Barre Station With NJ Transit Signage
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