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Say Hello to the Crime Footage Index
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I've been collecting a lot of footage from my Arlo home camera system the past couple of months, the most dramatic being from that burglary in May.

Recently I openly wondered in a Next Door post to my neighbors if there was a better way to handle all this footage that I myself and others with these "Ring-like" home camera systems that didn't involve making every instance of a mere trespasser or overnight creeper through our garage a 9-1-1 call. At least for me, it turns out there is too much activity detected to make that practical for myself, the community, or the police department.

My proposal in the lengthy Next Door posting was for someone in the city or the police department to concoct an online repository that people could submit their footage to in order to create a database. The police may well find that post in their online rounds and actually do it. However, the mere white-papering of the service in an open forum caused me to smack my own head: Why don't I come up with a service? Hell I wasn't talking about anything complicated.

Capture of my posting to Next Door

My posting to Next Door.  It turned into an effective white paper 
for my project.

That epiphany led to one of my weekend coding frenzies, which I have not experienced in quite awhile now and which has now resulted is this. Very much a work in progress -- but as it is -- it all kind of works well enough to introduce and let people know what I'm working on these days.

This is another in a series of useful web services that I'm trying to develop using the simple concept of MumblerCore HTML, so yeah it looks like shit. At least compared to the conditioned taste of web audiences to graphic-heavy websites that take too long to do anything and likely look horrible for their own set of reasons. By using MumbleCore HTML I was able to bang out an entire first iteration of the service in just one weekend.

We'll see how far I take this one, I really think it will serve the community and maybe even the cops well. It will be a concentrated place for security footage that doesn't require a social media account of any kind. Feel free to sign up (if you're in Buffalo, for now). Once I learn where all the security and other bugs are, I'll begin rolling out iterations for other cities -- Wilkes-Barre and Tampa come to mind, followed by NYC.

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Say Hello to the Crime Footage Index
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