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Master of My Domain Sale
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I'm settling in nicely, albeit slowly, into my studio apartment in downtown Buffalo. It's not quite New York City but the experience is a sort of New York scale that I can afford - maybe. I calculate that I can if I'm disciplined with my budgeting, but, that caveat of if is ever a question.

In any case, for the moment, I now live in a trendy neighborhood filled with art galleries, eateries, bars, and nightlife, which, as a late middle-age balding 53-year-old among all the young people, makes me somewhat of an instant lech just by the mere act of swaddling into any one of them in a sad unimaginative bid to sow wild oats. But I enjoy it nonetheless. My mother dragging me to bars for a time in her own bid for nightlife, back in the day, must have planted some taste for the atmosphere I can't explain. Whatever, the easy access to all these places is just heart warming. Plus I live just blocks away from a subway station, part of Buffalo's tiny light rail system, which adds all that much more to the NYC zeitgeist that I so embrace.

The studio is more like a full fledged one bedroom apartment only deemed a studio for some property-oriented legal technicality mentioned by the rental company I forget at the moment, which is a point of bonus since I had a dread of the dreary single-plane space that a studio traditionally amounts to. As it is, I have a two-part layout where I am able to separate a sleeping/living area from a kitchen and full-fledged working studio I figure I may need to one day be employed out of.

To be sure, I wouldn't normally be able to afford this but I received a fortunate bump in life, if you will, by being the owner of the web domain which a company that turned out to be Intel Corporation took interest in in order to brand one of their technologies (take a look at what they are doing with it). I purchased the domain in the mid-90s to support my pet cause of keeping police radio traffic open to public intercept, but that cause has long diluted and the domain was more or less languishing with some personal idea of mine to reactivate it for the cause, yet, never quite doing so. You can see I tried to associate it with one of the pages at this website but the effort was 'meh' at best.

I hate to say I had a price for giving up a domain I once so strongly defended from a soulless implementation by anyone else, but I did. And it was one that I kept fairly high in order to specifically discourage people from wanting to solicit it away from me; I didn't want the moral conundrum. I never counted on anyone actually offering to pay it, yet that is exactly what happened.

I'm not a 'domain profiteer' so I will never know if I might have negotiated more, I just knew I was being offered enough money to erase the past years of reckless spending while living in New York City plus some, even after taxes. As a first-time player in the domain selling game I didn't think the ceiling was much higher for a .org, which I hold is an accurate assessment. I can't stress enough how not mind-blowing the amount I ultimately sold it to them for was, just that it was a lot to me today and that it solved a lot of self-made problems in one fell swoop. I made the deal.

And that deal allowed me to tuck away some emergency fund monies in addition to paying the deposit, first month rent, and all the other capital costs associated with a simple move. I could have done it without this good fortune but it would have amounted to another financial reset in my life. The move itself had to happen - domain sale or not - given that the pressures and impact of living with an ex-romantic partner were becoming increasingly clear, unfair, and selfish.

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Master of My Domain Sale
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