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A Guy At His Computer
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In my last post I talked about how I'm taking advantage of the "Gig Economy" to make my unemployment savings last longer by shoveling snow. It's not always snowing so I'm adding a little something different to the pot. For quite some time I've wanted to develop A Guy At His Computer which is basically a kind of telephone concierge service for people who need information but don't want to fuss with a mobile app. Such a service would not be complicated, it would literally just be a guy (me) sitting at his computer taking calls, Googling, and providing information to callers.

While I find myself sitting on my ass a lot these days filling out online apps and waiting for callbacks it occurred to me this is actually a great time to develop and test the concept. Maybe even make a little side scratch via tips from extremely satisfied callers. Hence, I spent today coding it up and releasing a crude framework of operation and will officially launch on Monday. Starting then, anyone needing information from the Interwebs can dial my number and give me a chance to provide it.

Here's an example conversation I imagine:

A Guy At His Computer: "Hi, thank you for calling A Guy At His Computer, how can I help you?"

Caller: 'I'm standing here waiting for the university shuttle. Do you know where it is right now? I'm a student at UB at the South Campus loop area."

A Guy At His Computer: "No problem, they have a live shuttle tracker, let me just pull up the express route GPS map."

Caller: "Thanks!"

A Guy At His Computer: (after some clicking and typing noise) "Ah, a shuttle just crossed Sheridan Avenue and is headed your way."

Caller: "Awesome, that's about 5 minutes or so then, thanks a lot Guy!"

A Guy At His Computer: "No problem, thanks for calling A Guy At His Computer!"

Mind you this initial launch is not the "enterprise" version of the service, just a crude example of it based on the budget and time I have to actually run it. If it tests well and I fall into a few thousand dollars someday, perhaps I'll grow it into something that looks legit. Right now I just need to toy with it in a loose way to see if it's viable and what kind of issues crop up.

The service lives under the domain but for now it just forwards to the guts of it all at

For more information check the links below.


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A Guy At His Computer
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