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HTML No Graphics Website Movement
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Update 4/23/16 - I have created an information page detailing the foundation of the concept which I'm deeming Mumblecore HTML . You may view it here.

I'm in a "movement" starting mood these past couple of weeks. One that seems particularly attractive to me is the idea of creating an HTML composition protocol that is simple and adheres to the basic tags such as those used for creating titles, headers and paragraphs. The idea is to eliminate most graphic design elements from web pages so that they can "breathe" function and cost very little to produce. To make valuable and useful websites that otherwise look like they were composed before CSS.

The why of such a thing are several. First, by eliminating graphic work and design web authors and coders are free to focus on functionality. The overhead cost of developing and running a web project are dramatically reduced. Second, websites can be engineered closer to the time of impulse, restoring a sense of creativity (in a functional not aesthetic sense). Websites and projects that never get done in the wake of fretting over how its design keeps up with the modern sense can get done on a lone coder's budget. And, as well, lean websites are responsive and work well with mobile devices even when not explicitly designed for them.

I have two websites that might demonstrate what I'm thinking, New York City People Fusion and another I'm working on for my sole commercial product, Squeaky Portal. Either will give you a sense of what I'm talking about. If you want something accomplished and more mainstream, Craigslist is still the perfect example although even it might still be a bit more overdeveloped compared to what I am imagining. It is a strong brand and a cult operating object in a world of overdone and graphic-heavy imitators. It's one thing when an odd web developer out here and there keeps their graphics presentation to a minimalist level, but I think it should be more than an odd developer out. No graphic designs should represent a complete body of websites written to point in the form.

I don't know how you go about creating something like an official design standard. I know, for real, even simple protocols that people adopt are actually quite technical. Even so, I'm going to try. Even if I can't cover all the bases in a protocol white paper, as I'm usually fond of observing, maybe my wobbly attempt at one will inspire better others. The hardest part might be in convincing the users of websites whose developers subscribe to the framework that they are visiting and using a serious service. People don't trust quiet websites that look like beginners developed. But, an education campaign as well as links to an explain page, should help web audiences accept and even embrace the philosophy.

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HTML No Graphics Website Movement
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