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Happy Hours Are Working Hours (And Then Some)
Real Research
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I find this to be true. For some reason I am prone to working way after official pay boundaries when I'm really digging my job . It's been viewed by some as unhealthy for me, it has at times made some of my life employers nervous, and others have assumed - including myself here and there - that I'm actually "flailing about" rather than enjoying my own productivity.

Clip from 247 Wall Street web article.

But by and large it's always been that working more satisfies a sense of control I have need for and that then translates into the traditional work/life balance we're all supposed to really want. It's just my way. And true to the point, it's always the good organizations where I find this to be truest. It's good to see some research backing me up.

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Happy Hours Are Working Hours (And Then Some)
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