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It All Fell Apart
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Two of my initiatives fell apart. First, my exit from Facebook. That is no surprise to anyone close to me who knows of my penchant for quitting it every six months or so. The effort seemed to go a bit longer this time around, but ultimately, as always, the utility of Facebook wound up drawing me back. Facebook has become the Internet and walking away from it is like walking away from the Internet itself in every social way that counts. I appear not ready for that.

Secondly, I cannot live off the cloud. The idea of working with data locally and utilizing the cloud for the rare cases I need a file available everyplace is a nice one, but the task of synchronizing individual downloaded applications and associated data between my desktop and my laptop, when most of my online time is away from either (at work or via my mobile phone) is no longer worth it. Back when the Internet was new, all of that was exciting and fun to do. Now it feels like needless endless work. The uniformity of the interface and the access to data I generate from anyplace anytime far outweigh the value of performance at the neglible differences experienced between.

So, I remain completely bound to the Google App ecosystem. Microsoft's One Cloud ecosystem is nice but too late for me. They should have been working on what Google is doing 10 years ago. They don't even have a Chromebook equivalent yet, that I know of.

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It All Fell Apart
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