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Last Chance, Decent Republicans
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George Will has it right. Any respectful Republican should choose four years of idling over leaving themselves associated with Trump.

There is no good Trump outcome. If he is the actual Republican candidate for President he will lose to Clinton, or the person who replaces her in the event she is in fact knocked off by the corny e-mail server issue. So there's that loss just about guaranteed.

But even if I am wrong and he becomes President, then his followers will lose when, guess what, he doesn't actually build a wall or deport immigrants, at least to any significant degree his believers have convinced themselves he will. He'll blame a sudden cognizance of the legislative process that prevents him (Trump supporters will only then remember they were electing a President, not a King - that blasted democracy is still in their way), or some other excuse, but the bottom line is those things are never going to happen. So now he's President but his believers lose and those believers will hate the Republicans all the more.

But wait, maybe he miraculously builds a wall and then attempts to force Mexico to pay the bill. Of course Mexico won't do that so the only response is some kind of economic or military response, the former which itself will lead to the latter in any event. One can assume there is a lot of latent want for war with America the Mexicans can dig up...maybe they'll figure it's time for a second run over the Alamo if some goofball looking for a giant check wants to give them an excuse. Now we're at war with Mexico and everyone loses.

And during any of this there's always the possibility of a 9/11 or Pearl Harbor style surprise during his reign for which he has no temperament for responding logically to, at least any that he has demonstrated so far. At which point we're talking about a war bigger than one with Mexico and the whole wide world loses. Remember nearly all young people today view WW1 and WW2 as just overplayed black and white snippets on the History Channel. If Trump wants to war his way through problems in the world there's no fear of war itself to stop him.

And no, none of these outcomes is in any way mitigated if, on the side, Trump brings economic prosperity to the nation. In fact that would be a horrible catalyst because he would be more unhinged in the ways that actually matter by way of international diplomacy and control over nukes.

If Republicans don't distance their own party from this man with a giant red flag drilled into his skull that is impossible to miss, they will lose the only opportunity to be legitimately disassociated when people are scraping the ashes off their bodies looking at the party that let it all happen.


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Last Chance, Decent Republicans
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