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Periscoped Rails to Trails Walk
periscope aroundbuffalo
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I've been itching to produce more live content to the web since exposing myself to the comedy performance circuit back in 2014 (read: I took a 6-week workshop, a few open mics at a single joint in the Village, and managed my way through a graduation class performance). I took on the idea fully understanding I completely suck, I mean at an inherently organic level, in verbal communication of any kind. Unless I take steps to mitigate it in my various narratives I sound "nasally". Dental work, a partial I wear in particular, make nearly all words coming out of my central orfice "mushy", unless, again, I take pains to mitigate. And, I should point out, I have yet to find a truly effective method of mitigation.

So these things like Ustream, Livestream, or more actually for my purposes, Periscope or maybe the upcoming mobile YouTube streaming service, are actually quite useful at honing down my faults. Being "live" forces someone like me to do it right in real-time and not be so hooked on edits to clean things up or to bury bad performances. I have to articulate, organize a narrative and yet try to do both while remaining animated and interesting.

The difficulty is in livestreaming consistently and densly enough to build on improvement, what with work and everything else going on. That's why the little opportunities and digestable livestream projects count, such as the embed below of me walking the Buffalo Rails to Trails. I am settling into Buffalo well enough now that I should be able to crank out little things like this more and more, with each getting better than the last for the sake of "performance creativity".

(Don't worry, only the thumbnail is sideways - it plays right when it starts).

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Periscoped Rails to Trails Walk
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