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Cheese Danish Rat
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Here is Len Berman and Todd Schnitt talking about my Cheese Danish Rat during their morning show onWOR 710. Playing the audio clip below takes you straight to the discussion.

Len Berman and Todd Schnitt discuss Cheese Danish Rat on WOR 710 in NYC.

A couple of years ago - 2012 or so perhaps - I descended down the stairs of the Union Square subway station in New York. As I reached the platform below I spotted something interesting on the subway's trackbed to my right which turned out to be a rat trying to drag the remnants of a cheese danish back to wherever it presumably lived. It was an awesome content find!

I captured and uploaded the video footage to YouTube where no one wound up particularly impressed. I think maybe the first posting (it was taken down and re-posted during a change of YouTube accounts) barely reached a few dozen views. I thought it was cool but alas the world, not so much. In time I just forgot about it.

Later, when a similar video, Pizza Rat, went viral it got millions of hits. The comedian who shot it even got time on Inside Edition . Cheese Danish rat?, still nuthin'. Maybe the difference in frenzy was, at root, a cheese danish against a slice of pizza. Where, duh, of course pizza is going to win in any contest of food-toting rats.

Anyway, lucky for me I was perusing the Twitter feed of radio talk show host Todd Schnitt when I noticed Schnitt once tweeted about blackberries on a subway platform. Recalling Cheese Danish Rat, I replied to his tweet with the link and, well, don't you know Mr. Schnitt was as fascinated as I. And finally someone of note gave Cheese Danish Rat its just15 minutes of fame. New York City air play no less.

Cheese Danish rat still didn't collect a million hits from this exposure, but it went from something 97 hits to over 500, which, given that the heyday of capturing hungry rodents on video is long over, is pretty nice in my book.

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Cheese Danish Rat
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