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Cops In A Keystone State
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Yeah, so basically Wilkes-Barre needs to professionalize its police department.

Its leaders should have at least a college degree, and maybe while everyone is at it, the department should check out this whole "accrediation" thing. Apparently it was contemplated once but loose as things apparently tended to be, it was never topped off. Perhaps too many folks along the way didn't like the constraints of accredidation. Hmm.

For those not so laser-focused on who gets blamed for what in the report (spoiler though: Lendacky and Foy feast on babies for breakfast while Seargant Myers and the PBA are too busy passing out halos to orphans to be willfully causing turbulence. Why, the report even says in a single flat parenthetical that it found no evidence that Myers was upset about being passed over for that stupid-head job of police chief that only stupid-heads want anyway - so there!, question resolved!) this is a vindication in no way between the parties, but of the sense that the department is woefully juvenile and has been for some time. It has neither the leadership nor the fabric of rank and file maturity to pull it together.

Capture of a section of the PDF report.

The assessors do not assess that Myers had any interest
in becoming police chief.

Oh, there may be a state that it once had of "business as usual" that some might confuse with healthy "good times" for the department, but remember, any such period is the parent of the freaky state of being we have now. Honey, there was nothing healthy about it, ever. And this report is possibly the best thing Wilkes-Barre has to right the ship if only out of shame.

I for one was shocked by how willing the report seemed to directly wade into the politics of personality. But I've never seen a report of its nature before so maybe that is common, and, since all institutions boil down to the people who run it, inevitable. Plucking away at Lendacky and Foy was an easy path because neither holds a college degree for the advanced positions they hold in a field that prides itself on its trending incorporation of a college education. There are now departments in America where not having a college degree would mean you couldn't be a road officer let alone the chief.

Face it, the 26 grand or so to compile the report didn't involve a lot of sweat on that fact alone.

There are other things to muse over from here. What does all of this have to say about Tony George's judgement? Somehow he saw no problem installing such a controversial leader and cared little to address the calamity. That was his absolute preogative among several such preogatives which I maintain that people who were honest about everything could have lived with and worked through. But alas now that we walk through these smoldering ruins by people who were not prepared to do so, we can fairly ask, what was he thinking in the first place?

Also, I hate reading in the many DISQUS threads how Lendacky and Foy, or maybe Myers, are all horrible people. Let's try to remember they are all in fact noble people electing to engage in (physically dangerous) careers on behalf of the community. Nobody here is evil. What is of course apparent is that they have all become principals in a low drama where nobody expects to find any of such crippling level. The police department should not have the air of a "club" where people elbow through each other at personal whim, yet somehow that's what all of this looks like. Seriously, this is why Wilkes-Barre can't have nice rail.

Tony George is going to have to answer for this mess, Lendacky and Foy are going to have to chin up and maybe get out, and the PBA is going to have to live up to the new world it probably beckoned forth which is a professionally accredited police department with an emphasis on education, and a smart approach to dealing with "passive-aggressive" malcontents. The report has put too many eyes on things now for any of that not to happen and I bet Myers and the PBA are excited to see it so.

I might be being sarcastic. ;)


Hot Cam Action in Wilkes-Barre
wbrail Downtown City Tech Crime
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The Wilkes-Barre anti-crime cameras need to be restored to full and even "excessive" functionality as quickly as possible. It sounds like they are on track to do so as per the link chronology below.

The cameras have been controversial because they cost something and in fact it was an anti-Leighton talking point during Tony George's campaign. I think this put Tony on the spot when he actually became mayor because he entered office having to contradict the common sense of law enforcement about their overall worth. He needed to hate the cameras to build out his cliche' platform against his predecessor, yet I would contend that there's simply no way he actually believed they were an "exependable luxury".

This anti-camera sentiment became just more fodder in the quibble between he and the Wilkes-Barre police union, the latter who (in my view correctly) saw a valuable resource being squandered for pure political motives.

An assessment of the camera system's value asserted in 2013
by then Police Chief Dessoye. Original YT source.

Tony changed his tune a bit, finally, going on record in one of the reports linked to below that the cameras were a great idea in concept, but not how they were currently implemented in Wilkes-Barre.

Whatevers. Next time don't go against common sense and even your own experience in a rabid portrayal of the former mayor as incompetent, hindering one of the few advantages against crime in Wilkes-Barre in the process.

Tony is now at least making good on the cameras by administrating a change in how the cameras are implemented and paid for, and to who. Ideally, the next implementation will supplement a two-layer strategy where the cameras assist beyond evidence gathering, sure, but also real-time strikes against criminals in action. I live in Buffalo which has an elaborate camera system lining Main Street and even neighborhoods (particularly in the university area). Listening to my police scanner I can hear how the police utilize the camera "instantly" to follow fleeing vehicles and to convey information about the area around reported crimes in the moment.

That's the kind of deployment Wilkes-Barre needs to achieve at least one day. Given the state of city finances I am being realistic about immediate scope of implementation, though, I would wonder how much money could be saved in roaming patrol if you could build out reliable video monitoring in place of that. I suspect this is a typical consideration among people who actually deal with building out such systems.

Link Chronology

Dibs for Cache Scandal Rocks WB
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Update 8/24/18: Justin Bodnar pleads guilty.

Hi everyone Happy New Year!

Let this be the year when city and county leaders wake up and aggressively push for rail connections to New York and Philadelphia. Catering to a crumbling "fortress" mentality where job prospects are so tight there are legions of people monitoring commentating on the well-off positions of others daily, is a dead end. Wilkes-Barre needs its imagination rallied and a preposterous project if only to forget about its problems. I with WBRAIL will do my best to ignite this.

Now, Dibs for Cache

In the meantime there are non-rail related things to muse over. Like this Leighton e-mail "espionage" kind of thing that resurfaced in the news recently. This to me has always been an astonishing story and which has led to this writer's incidental exchange with alleged hacker Justin Bodnar in the comment section about the story at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette.

Screen capture of online exchange with Justin Bodnar

A chance WBRAIL exchange with someone identifying themselves as Justin Bodnar about stolen e-mails.

You'll notice in this breezy passing of words that Justin had yet (and still has yet) to be convicted of anything and was perhaps a little over confident at the time that he wouldn't. However, a trajectory on a path toward conviction became apparent just before Christmas, to his surprise or not. I have to imagine he's had a lot of mental and emotional time to adjust to the probability he'd wind up facing real legal consequences, so he's not likely sweating this as much as might be assumed.

But really, this entire story is incredible is it not?

In catching up on it it appears that Justin, somehow, (and "technically allegedly" still) acquired e-mails of then Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton and offered to sell them to an effective affiliate of the Wilkes-Barre City Taxpayers Association (WBCTPA). A group which I interpret as a local "economic supremacist" group (do NOT confuse that with any assertion that they are racially supremacist which they are not) which aligns taxpayer status with civil morality over renters, the homeless, and those choosing alternate lifestyle models - a series of groups which are likely the collective majority. The basis of this organization and those which orbit it rhetorcially goes along the lines of something like "we are homeowners, when we fail to dominate local political decision making, our Just Position is oppressed."

The WBCTPA is a pretty organized and professional operation by my take, though I tend to believe the obligation of government runs deeper and must be more encompassing than they perhaps acknowledge. WBRAIL officially favored its one time president, Frank Sorick, for mayor in a contest against ultimate winner Tony George, the latter who I simply felt was not modern enough and far too invested in a manipulative cliche platform of "law and order". Frank enjoyed and seemed to appreciate modern technology and its promises to address not just crime but a wide range of civil issues in a city basically absolutely broke. Ideology was easy to overlook at the time. WBRAIL expects a high speed rail terminus in Luzerne County and there is no way that a platform of hunkering down against "out of towners" to solve city woes will ever wind up manifesting that expectation.

Apparently Mark Robbins, and by association, the WBCTPA, struck Justin as the ideal channel to try and "sell" the stolen e-mails, although in the offer e-mail Justin indicated that he was willing to move on and sell it to other interested parties if they themselves were not. And this is where it all starts to get the most interesting.

Mark runs WBTRUTH, which as another independent blog I respect completely, though I do find its messaging somewhat daunting. It's a website with content in line with the theme of the WBCTPA, albeit, difficult to read. "Corruption" is the topic basically sprayed at the blog at a high level, but which consists of sentences and paragraphs which are difficult to derive any conclusion from. Whatever it is, Mark basically thinks politicians in the area are corrupt and the blog reflects this in shrill.

In Justin's evident mis-judging of the general morality of Mark and the WBCTPA, the group promptly reported the solicitation to police. I am sure in hindsight Justin feels pretty embarrassed by this miscalculation; he probably had ideas of cohorting in subterfuge with WBCTPA (or more precisely Mark Robbins), satisfying a financial gain, maybe, but probably more important the fantasy of hacking drama mixed with high politics. To the extent that Wilkes-Barre represents any degree of high politics, that is. Such an unfolding always works out well on TV or in the movies, but in real life, let's just say there can be mixed results. Justin was foiled by receiving one of the more "mixier" results.

You have to imagine the position Mark and the taxpayer association found itself in and whether they wondered, in all honesty, if the story someone was attempting to enroll them in, was genuine. It's quite possible they sensed someone's "operation" to discredit their group by involving them in a scuffle based on a criminal foundation and acted as they did to, as it were, "confound their enemy" circa good ol' Mark Twain's advice. When they were contacted by the FBI to help in a sting against Justin, maybe they were actually surprised. "Wait a minute, you mean the stolen e-mails are really stolen e-mails!?"

Mark agreed to participate in a sting operation against Justin that involved drops under train trestles, marked bills supplied by the FBI, and a "Breaking Bad-esques" meeting at a fast food restaurant to seal the exchange. This Times Leader report details the whole sordid (Sorick?) affair in detail.

In all, kind of cool huh?

There is at note, maybe, a valid moral component in play on the side of Justin Bodnar with respect to his motivations. As an extra layer of intrigue, Justin was, as my capture above would allude, one of the kids deemed an official victim of the "Kids for Cash" scandal. Locally everyone knows about this scandal but to wayward externals this is the one cited by Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story . The specific segment can be viewed online here.

Perhaps that fact leads to the final twist of irony wherein Mark Robbins, the very one who flatly rejected Justin's presumption of interest in his trove, and the very one who was key to Justin's likely path toward some kind of prison sentence (after Justin Bodnar himself I mean), believes that the system should, in the end, go easy on him.

Vote for Frank Sorick
wbrail Crime
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WBRAIL is advocating a vote for Frank Sorick as Wilkes-Barre's next mayor. I'll be voting tommorow and will pull or press whatever to do so, and I suggest everyone else do the same. You too Linda Urban, I like your style.

I am advocating this vote on a trail that departs somewhat from his campaign theme. "Corruption" does exist but in my mind it's a manipulative exaggerated focus and root cause that is never meaningfully substantiated. I mean, christ, the mayor filled up his car with city gas in a fuzzy rule set that at the end of the day says he was allowed to. Seriously? Crime too. Yeah I see the headlines and Facebook groups harking about every single shooting, but I'm not convinced that this problem isn't already being addressed by a fairly competent police force doing the best it can on the budge it has. Tony or Frank are not going to prance into office and wave some magic wand that overrides what is already being done or what can be done. The real problem? There is such a lack of positive growth in the city that only the noise of crime is left to hear along, perhaps, with the voices of those who want to be as hearable as possible because it benefits them politically. Either politician is guilty of this and it's a stench that has to be overlooked.

So if corruption and crime are not real issues, at least in the sense of what's truly holding back Wilkes-Barre, what is it?

Well, how about a lack of focus on locally binding education, intelligence, transparency, innovative embrace, an optimistic outlook, and a decidedly shrewd demeanor? Only Frank, by my measure, exhibits a personality and willingness to incorporate and tunnel through with these concepts. I don't just want "crime" to be the sole action agenda for Wilkes-Barre because I don't believe a "fortress mentality" will bring Wilkes-Barre its New York City rail connection. A prosperous society that functions as the younger society expects it to will take care of crime in the long-run. Frank gets it, despite a campaign slogan against Tony George that can effectively have been summed up like this, "Frank Sorick for Mayor, Because...C'mon".

God speed Frank. I'm leaving the area for what might be a very long time, but this blog and my eye will be here everyday. I know I'm right about calling this shot and expect great things to sprout from a twist on the old.

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