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I have gone ahead with an idea that I have been flirting with for a couple of months now (and, may have previously -- hard to tell with my admittedly erratic web strategy of years past), which is to consolidate my various other theme blogs with this one.

Specifically, these titles are now hosted in the same framework as that of my personal blog which is the one you are looking at right now:

  • Tampa Rail
  • Wilkes-Barre Rail
  • Openness
  • Tech for the City

Those titles will continue to have the very rare entries represented here at Dave the Web Guy and will be indexed by the category labels tamparail, wbrail, openness, and techcity.

I did this because the overhead of maintaining all those separate blogging presentations was diffusing a cohesive effort to keep my messaging active. Most these blog titles were languishing without fresh content and in turn the respective messages they attempted to deliver was taking a hit. If the flagship blogs aren't active it is too easy, in my summation, for visitors to assume the same about the causes themselves.

The messages are still important to me as is the ability to chronical their respective evolutions in a place that exists outside Twitter or Facebook. Turning these topics into category entries at my personal blog not only allows me to do so, it also restores the energy to my personal blog in the form of a single view overlooking the wide range of interests and causes that I have come to evangelize over the years.

In short, the topics are no longer interesting standing on their own, driven by a single personality, as much as my personality is maybe a little more interesting with direct visibility to the variety of topics that I behold. I look at it as maybe two publishing problems being solved.

There are custom domains that were pointed to the blogs I list above. They will now land here at equivalent custom "pages" that will continue to serve as their headquarters and where a timeline presentation of their individual evolutions will be displayed. Basically I will be taking the existing custom index pages that drove their previous blogs and migrating them one by one to this site. Here is how the one for OpennessOrg looks for example.

My only concern with this new approach is that it may render my personal blog here somewhat discombobulated or "disjointed" of its own message, which is to effectively bitch about the dying World Wide Web alongside issues in my personal life. One day I might be talking about how annoying hangnail is, to be followed in an entry the next day about some contract dispute preventing train tracks being laid in the Poconos (a Wilkes-Barre Rail topic) or another police agency that has gone to a digitally encrypted radio network (an Openness topic). Unless I synthesize the presentation overall very carefully, readers might be confused.

Fortunately though, in this universe at least, I don't post that often and I certainly don't have many regular readers. Nonetheless, here's to hoping this new format changes things for the better.

Giving This Blog A Point
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I've been toiling away at the Dave the Web Guy blog and website in its various iterations for years now. I've been trying to hone its definition and purpose by concretely laying out what exactly I intend to happen with this website. Historically it's just been a sporadic place for me to post ill-constructed essays and posts on any random thing that has me hopped up on a given Saturday morning. There's not much of a consistent theme.

So, to try to tighten the reins, I have composed a Statement of Purpose page that explains this website's role in "saving" or at the very least "pouting loudly about the evaporating" world wide web until it is one way or another.

I also want the site to aggregate on a human-curated basis examples of those WWW things that are still being done online in the spirit of independent publishing. My (very initially tiny) list of webcams online is one example (oh, and by the way, my own webcam is once again online). But I will create separate lists for blogs and other artifiact sites of sort than I imagine.

The point of doing all of this will be to remind, encourage, and inspire other people to take control of their online content on the raw WWW. And, preferably for the "PC/desktop" WWW which I regard as a separate thing from the general web now since the "general" web has come to mean that atrocious presentation place that tries to serve both desktop and mobile PC devices.

Finally this blog will have the point its been meandering around for years.

Quick Tour Of New Blog
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Okay so here's a quick look at the new blog.

First, to get this out of the way, you'll notice that aesthetically I've opted for a minimalist design. As a single author with limited time I want my blogging vehicle to resemble something like a pen and notepad ensemble. I just don't want the overhead of trying to make fancy plugins and graphic elements work with my text, yet I want to be neat.

Now for function. At the top you have the masthead. In said masthead you'll notice a series of little icons for various social media and service sites. You can click on any of them to reach my account at those services in order to see my postings or other content. Looking them over you'll quickly deduce that I am a communist pervert; don't judge me, hug me!

If you're looking for my old stuff, check out the archives page(not to be confused with my anchoviespage). It will host archived entries from this blog at some point but it also has links to my old blog content from over the years. I am keenly aware that some of the stuff I've been spouting for nearly a decade plus now is still swamping around in Google, so this arrangement should help those poor bastards seeking a path to it.

Other than that it's the usual stuff. Be sure to check out the projects page for a near complete listing of every web project I've started and if you want to buy any of the brands I've haphazardly tried to rev up, drop me a line. For that use my new same-ish contacts page.

If you think this is all just ridiculous and want to cuss me out in public about it, fine, but first you'll need to register at the registration page.

Mobile Visitors

Visitors should know that while my site looks "okay" on a mobile device (particularly my drab navigational buttons), I do not cater to them. Last year I decided that there should be a class of web presentation that caters solely to those relaxing with a cup of coffee and a desktop or laptop computer. If it ever matters what I type here, slow the flip down, brew yourself a cup of java, sit, stretch, and click around the web to reach this place casually from a large screen. It's a form of online joy that doesn't involve PornHub. And, I want everyone to know I had to add PornHub to my browser's built-in dictionary to make that point.

Anyway, having decided that, I subsequently decided to start the trend by being the first to stress and exemplify the point. If you are a webmaster or potential blogger-to-be consider doing absolutely nothing out of the way for mobile users. And of course I'm not talking about if you're out to make some kind of buck, in which case you need your product to flow far and wide on any damned thing you can get it on. Otherwise it's time to bring people back to casual full-Walrus web surfing and that starts by doing it only on real computers, not wrist watches and such.

Well, This Is Embarrassing
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Hey everybody it's my new blog for 2016!

Again .

Nobody visits this blog so explaining the fact that I launched another blog just after New Year's, only to replace it with what you see before you now just two weeks later, seems kind of pointless. But talking to myself should not be underrated.

Yes, I did report to my Facebook friends that I had a new blog up and running and, hey, they "should all visit!". The interesting point is that the new blog that I proudly announced was in a radically different format than this blog or those I've run for years. Instead of relying on a content management system, my own Battle Blog in particular (though you may better relate to the point by thinking 'Wordpress'), I was forging ahead with something sometimes referred to as a static blog engine instead. A static blog engine is where you compose posts directly in HTML and then post them as web pages, much like the olden days when you posted basically anything to the web. If you want any of the standard organizing functionality of a blogging system you, through a variety of techniques, stitch together a way to do such things as categorize your entries, paginate, and archive. It's all possible it's just far more manual. I thought I would enjoy the direct control which such a system favors, but I ran into a wall when I discovered I couldn't post more feathery drivel like this without committing to a lot of work. I mean, really deep writing and content made it kind of make sense, but in just a week and a half of suppressing the desire to just rant, a desire not quelled by tweeting or posting something on Facebook, I got pretty fed up.

On top of that, there was Battle Blog. I spent over 10 years developing it. It isn't commercially polished but it does everything Wordpress and others do except that I know it very well and am very proud of it. I've been tossing and turning at night as if I've abandoned an old friend or maybe a child. And in any event I asked myself, why would I run Battle Blog for all my other projects (Tampa Rail, Wilkes-Barre Rail, etc.) except for my personal one? Was I officially declaring Battle Blog dead?

Whatever the case it just didn't seem prudent -- or congruent -- to stick with static HTML blogging. And as such, here is a complete port of my "new" blog before it ever got old, to this "newer" one running on the Battle Blog platform.

Happy 2016, dammit!

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