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This page is home base to Buffalo Scan's digital media output as it may appear on social media channels such as Twitter or its Facebook Group.

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Read the Latest Buffalo Scan Blog Entry: Parkside Underground Transformer Fire
12/23/2018 Periscope Footage of Homicide Crime Scene
The homicide event occurred around the corner from my home on Vernon Place (I live on Fairfield). At the time, the crime scene had been active for at least two hours with no show of the mainstream media the entire time (which I'm assuming had to do with skeleton staffs leading into the holiday weekend). They began covering this tragedy the next day.

What Gets Posted

I include links to mainstream media links, blogs (including those from Tampa Rail's own entry category) and other PR information posts that are released directly by agencies at their respective websites, and individual online commentary in various forms, whenever said content is pertinent to the advancement of transit rail options in the region. News and information links deemed likely to directly or indirectly impact this kind of development are also sometimes included.

The goal of the link list is to provide a consistent chronological narrative on the march toward rail that visitors can consume in a single visit or over a wide series of visits.

The list is manually curated in order to provide the best web experience. For example, while not always possible, I link to less ad-infested resources over more infested ones when the same information is being presented. I also try to avoid those resources with pay walls or any other blocks to the wider audience. I cross out links as they discovered dead though I keep the crossed out link posted in order to provide continuity of narrative.

Most of the same links are broadcast through various online channels such as through the Tampa Rail Twitter feed.

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