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Welcome to Tampa Rail

Tampa Rail blog entries are here.

This page is home base to the online sharing and chronicling of information related to transit rail evolution in Tampa, Hillsborough County, and the Tampa Bay region in general.

The Latest

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1/4/2019 Construction of the Brightline-Virgin Rail From South Florida to Orlando Is About to Begin
This means construction from its present terminus to Orlando, not between Orlando and Tampa. However, a completed Orlando terminus means that Tampa is next according to Virgin Trains USA's staunchest plans.
1/3/2019 Brightline-Virgin Rail Service From Tampa to Orlando Has Estimated Cost of $1.7 Billion
12/21/2018 Private High-Speed Rail Could Serve Tampa Sooner Than Expected
The well-grounded assumption has been that Virgin Trains USA would get from Miami to Orlando, then from Orlando to Tampa, in that order.
12/10/2018 Plans for Tampa-to-Orlando Express Rail Move Forward
11/6/2018 Hillsborough Voters Approve Sales Tax Hikes for Transportation, Schools Improvements
MAJOR DEVELOPMENT - Hillsborough County voters defeat anti-tax supremacist groups. Transportation in Hillsborough County is now funded after over a decade of failed attempts. Tampa Rail, in all those years, has always predicted that people would find a way to beat the supremacy groups and move Hillsborough County transit forward.
6/14/2018 Hillsborough Group Pushing New Referendum on Raising Sales Tax for Transportation
Context: A citizens group backed by prominent business figures worried about stagnating mass transit and transportation infrastructure, will try to take a referendum directly to the public after centrist elite planners on the Hillsborough County Commission blocked voter's say on the matter.
6/13/2018 The TECO Line Streetcar is Going Fare Free!
Context - People prefer a car-free lifestyle when the foundation of support exists for it. A grant from the FDOT will help prove it by allowing passengers to ride the Tampa streetcars for free. And the fare drop is just one of the changes.
2/9/2018 Rays Want to Build New Ballpark in Tampa
Context - It looks like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are moving across the bay from St. Pete to Tampa, which means a spectacular new stadium - somehow, at some point - for Tampa. Is the new location any better prepared for the reality that people don't like driving to discretionary events even though a subset of people have no problem with it?
2/6/2018 Expanded Tampa Streetcar System Gets First Public Approval
2/6/2018 Tampa International's Billion-Dollar Update is a New Airport Experience
Context: Flying - heh - under the radar of this project has been the development of a new fixed guideway system (rail-but-not-rail) between the rental car area and the terminal. About a mile long, it's a real rail solution, even if it is technically on tires. Article includes a Facebook embed of a POV ride along.
2/5/2018 Hillsborough Transit Authority Speaks Critically of Proposed BRT Line
Context: HART is not the only entity upset by the apparent dissolution of light rail in Tampa Bay, lots of people who have advocated for light rail for decades are too.
2/2/2018 Ed Turanchik Starts 'Visionary, Fun-Filled' Campaign For Tampa Mayor
Context: Ed Turanchik is synonomous with the light rail movement in Hillsborough County, though he is quick to remind anyone he can that in fact he has actually only ever advocated a CSX technology based rail solution. A variant of that solution was the runner up to the BRT plan. He is also known for solidifying the high speed rail corridor between Orlando and Tampa - though high speed rail was killed by Florida's current governor.
1/11/2018 Tampa Bay's Transit Future: Light Rail's Out.
Context: For the effective forseeable future, Tampa Bay is done trying to hammer out light rail. All focus is now on what appears to be a lower to mid-grade BRT system. If light rail does come to Tampa Bay now, it will only happen after decades of BRT.
10/25/2017 Expanded Tampa Streetcar System Gets First Public Approval
10/2/2017 New 2024 Howard Frankland Plan: 8-Lane Bridge With Bike Path
Quote: "...Those toll lanes will also be available to buses and even self-driving vehicles, whenever that technology arrives in the future. And two of those toll lanes could also be converted for use by a light rail system..."
9/29/2017 Imagine: Light rail Along I-275 From Wesley Chapel to Tampa to St. Pete
7/14/2017 Jeff Vinik: Politicians Are Holding Back Tampa Bay's Transit Future"
6/16/2017 TBARTA Trades "Transportation" for "Transit"
5/27/2017 Tampa Again Comes up Short in Quest to Hold City-Only Sales Tax Referendum for Transit
5/27/2017 Coming Soon to the Area Around the University of South Florida: New Teslas to Ferry People to and from Bus Stops
5/27/2017 Private High-Speed Rail Project with Planned Tampa Stop Is Safe for Now
Context: The Brightline Rail project is an active Florida east coast rail transit system connecting Miami to Orlando. It is a privately funded project with a stated objective to eventually connect Orlando with Tampa.
5/26/2017 Editorial: New Name, New Tack on Transit
5/12/2017 Creating One Transportation Planning Agency for All of Tampa Bay Won't Be Easy
5/3/2017 Editorial: Tampa Bay's Fresh Start for Transit Solutions
4/27/2017 Editorial: TBARTA Bill Back on Track
4/24/2017 Tampa Bay Area Business Leaders Lobby on Contentious Transit Bill
4/22/2017 Long-Awaited Tampa Bay Transit Study Identifies Five Corridors for Future Transportation Systems

What Gets Posted

I include links to mainstream media links, blogs (including those from Tampa Rail's own entry category) and other PR information posts that are released directly by agencies at their respective websites, and individual online commentary in various forms, whenever said content is pertinent to the advancement of transit rail options in the region. News and information links deemed likely to directly or indirectly impact this kind of development are also sometimes included.

The goal of the link list is to provide a consistent chronological narrative on the march toward rail that visitors can consume in a single visit or over a wide series of visits.

The list is manually curated in order to provide the best web experience. For example, while not always possible, I link to less ad-infested resources over more infested ones when the same information is being presented. I also try to avoid those resources with pay walls or any other blocks to the wider audience. I cross out links as they discovered dead though I keep the crossed out link posted in order to provide continuity of narrative.

Most of the same links are broadcast through various online channels such as through the Tampa Rail Twitter feed.

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