David Earl Pinero

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Welcome to my personal mobile-oriented website.

I no longer have a desktop website. If you somehow encounter this site on a laptop or desktop PC - which I've taken programming steps to discourage, it probably looks awful.

I may well be the first person to have a "device only" personal home page, utilizing the Mumblecore HTML design philosophy.

Where are the blogs?

For many years I maintained a series of blogs and web pages, now removed, that might have attracted your search query to this page.

Recently, as part of a strategy to more efficiently express myself online, I brought down my blogs in order to focus on participation in established social media channels. I have joined the "share" culture adding my viewpoints and other commentary to the digital flow that people actually pay attention to, rather than attempting to stage my own woefully under resourced presentations.

Hence, until there is enterprising justification for one, there will be no more scantly maintained blogs or decaying services. Instead, this page will remain as a minimalist base serving as a directory to my various social media outlets of choice, while also directly hosting any of my more original content and digital artifacts for a hand-held audience. To the extent it is one, this page is my blog.

Finally gone mobile

I have also come to recognize the death or near irrelevance of the desktop-oriented World Wide Web today, and as such seek to stage what original content I might have in a framework more compatible to the smart phones and tablets that have taken over.