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Frequently Anticipated Questions

Does Mumblecore HTML really mean no images?

Mumblecore HTML means limited to zero use of images that assist in production flow, not those that are the objects of information. Pictures, video and other media embeds are perfectly fine as long as they are knowledge assets. For example, a simple image of a flower is allowed so long as the web page is talking about flowers. However, a picture of a flower cannot be used to simply "decorate" a web page or to assist in navigation in any way.

Above is a standard YouTube embed which demonstrates a point being made. It's okay to have it.

Images are also allowed if they are part of a presentational embed and cannot otherwise be removed or if they otherwise assert a brand. A developer who embeds a Twitter feed, for example, will have, albeit limited, graphics that come in with the embed. As well, even a Mumblecore HTML website is allowed to display a company logo, although the logo should never dominate the look and feel of the site.

Can my website truly be respected if it is mostly "just text" in today's WWW?

It can be respected if as a website it provides value communication or content, period.

Today people are conditioned to ascribe value to high-end web presentations - even Google's algorithims are. But as the concept of Mumblecore HTML propagates people will "get" the decision to settle on it for their web production. You can speed that along by adhering to the simple formula of validating a web visitor's initial impression (which will be something along the lines of WTF?) and taglining them to an explain page, or perhaps even this site. One tagline I'm currently using reads something like "This website was built in 2016, so why aren't there any graphics?", which hyperlinks to for the explain. It validates the jolt of greeting an actually useful website and gives you a chance to sell your web application or point with less prejudice.

It may be a radical expectation but in time people may respect a website more for its decision to use Mumbelcore.

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